Working with Your SI Leader

Introducing SI to your class

On the very 1st day of class, it is helpful to mention to the class that you will have a Supplemental Instruction Leader and briefly describe the resource. Once add/drop is over, we appreciate the instructor providing the SI leader with about 3-5 minutes to introduce themselves and the SI program to the class. Additionally, they will share a survey link with students asking them to indicate their preferences for session days/times. Based on the survey results, the SI leader will plan the weekly schedule and share with students. Please be sure to add your SI Leader to the OAKS classlist as a Content Assistant so that they can message the classlist, view content online, and post session-related announcements.

Encouraging Attendance

The biggest reason students attend SI sessions is because their professor ENCOURAGES them to go...OFTEN! Here are some strategies for encouraging attendance!

Meet with your SI Leader regularly!

  • It is helpful to meet with the SI Leader on some regular frequency to help them decide what material is most important to cover - what seems to be most challenging for students, what is a foundational concept that needs to be well-understood, etc.
  • Ask your SI leader about questions that came up in SI sessions so you can revisit them in class.
  • Meet with your SI leader to clear up uncertainties in course material. Sometimes SI leaders feel uncomfortable asking questions of the professor because they feel they should know this material. Let your SI leaders know they can come ask questions any time.
  • Encourage your SI leader to ask questions during class - just like any other student!
  • Help your SI Leader periodically evaluate and report the effect of SI on student performance. Work with your SI Leader to compare exam/quiz/overall course average among students who attend SI and those who don't. Present the findings in class and use it to encourage students to attend (or keep attending) SI.

Reviewing Exams

Work with your SI Leader to encourage student to review their exams. Remind your students of the importance of critically reviewing their exams, and work with your SI Leader to make this happen.

  • Explain to students why it is important to CRITICALLY review their exams!
  • Announce in class when the exams will be available in SI for review.
  • Put reminders on your OAKS page about reviewing exams.
  • Write a note at the bottom of the last page of the exam reminding students to review their exam and when this will happen.