Faculty Support

The success of the SI program relies heavily on the support of College of Charleston faculty. Please note that SI Leaders are not Teaching Assistants and should not be asked to grade quizzes/exams, lecture during class periods, cover a class, or turn in assignments and/or take quizzes/exams.

How can faculty support the SI program and SI Leaders? We ask that faculty consider the following options:

  • Add your SI Leader to your OAKS course as a Content Assistant. This allows SI Leaders to view content, post to discussion boards, email the classlist, and upload resources from sessions.
  • Include information about SI and SI sessions in your course syllabus. You may choose to also include a short description of your SI Leader and their contact information.
  • Allow your SI Leader to introduce themselves and the program in class at the start of the semester.
  • Encourage students to attend SI sessions.
  • Share data with the class the shows the positive correlation between SI attendance and grades.
  • Share your thoughts with SI Leaders regarding what students seem to be struggling most with - this allows SI Leaders to focus on difficult material in their sessions.

Why was my course selected for SI?

  • SI targets historically difficult subjects. In other words, this subject contains content that students consider to be challenging. SI is designed to supplement faculty teaching and is assigned to a subject because of what is being taught, not because of the manner in which it is being taught.

What can you expect students to do during SI sessions?

SI Leaders come prepared with something for the students to do. This may include:
  • working in teams on practice quizzes.
  • learning problem solving techniques.
  • how to take, review and organize your notes effectively.
  • predicting test questions and learning more about the kinds of questions that may appear on exams or quizzes.
  • activities to help you learn the language (vocabulary) of the discipline.
  • critical reviews of your exams to help you tailor your studying to fix common test-taking problems.
  • SI Leaders DO NOT re-teach or re-lecture. They are trained to facilitate learning by helping students to organize knowledge, develop problem-solving skills, use available resources (textbook, lecture notes) to answer questions, and work effectively with their peers.