SI Session Schedule

*Sessions marked with a (v) will be held virtually. The Zoom link will be shared with you via email from your SI Leader.



Session 1

Session 2

Session 3


Haley BIOL221- Vance Mon 12:30pm Wed 4:30pm (v) Th 12:30pm SSMB245
Izabella BIOL111- Freeman Sun 3pm (v) Mon 2pm Th 4pm SSMB203
Calvin CHEM111- Barry Tues 5pm Wed 4:30pm Th 7pm SSMB245
Ansley CHEM111- Krantzman Mon 4pm Wed 6pm Th 6pm (v) SSMB100
Melanie BIOL111- Korey Sun 12pm (v) Mon 2pm Th 4pm SSMB100
Elizabeth BIOL111- Bidwell Sun 2pm (v) Wed 7pm Th 5pm CSL
Heather BIOL111- Lazzaro Mon 7pm (v) Tues 4pm Wed 4:30pm SSMB203
Macie BIOL112- Menzel Sun 2pm (v) Mon 5:30pm Tues 7pm SSMB203
Alex BBIO101- Dr. B. Tues 2:30pm Wed 3:30pm Th 2:30pm SSMB200
Sarah PSYC214- Ruscio Mon 4pm (v) Wed 5:30pm MYBK208 Th 4pm MYBK105 MYBK
Elizabeth CHEM112- Krantzman Mon 6pm Tues 6pm Wed 2pm SSMB245
Rachel PSYC214- Sims Mon 4pm MYBK105 Tues 7pm MYBK103 Th 5pm MYBK105 MYBK
Madeline CHEM111- Lesher Sun 4pm (v) Mon 8pm Th 5pm SSMB100
Ryan BIOL111- Bidwell Mon 4pm Tues 5pm Wed 3pm SSMB138
Hayley BIOL111- Janech Sun 1pm (v) Mon 12pm Wed 1pm SSMB138
Eden BIOL222- Dr. B. Mon 4pm Tues 11am Th 6:30pm (v) SSMB245
Layne CHEM111- Rogers Sun 5pm Mon 6pm Wed 6pm (v) SSMB200
Ava PSYC213- Doughty Mon 1pm BELL324 Wed 4pm MYBK105 Th 5pm (v) --
Caitlin BIOL111- Geslain Mon 12pm Tues 8pm (v) Wed 10am SSMB200
Jackie CHEM112- Gailbreath Sun 6pm (v) Tues 7pm Th 5:30pm SSMB245
Winnie BIOL221- Vance Mon 6pm (v) Wed 12pm Th 3pm SSMB138
Charlotte BIOL112- Manning Tues 3:30pm Wed 4pm Thurs 6pm SSMB138
Lauren DSCI232- Mahdikhani Sun 3pm (v) Tues 3pm Wed 1pm TATE130
Divya CHEM112- Forsythe Mon 6pm Wed 6pm (v) Th 12:30pm SSMB100
Anthony CHEM112- Lavrich Sun 6pm (v) Mon 4pm Tues 5pm SSMB203
Audrey PHIL120- Grantham Sun 1pm MYBK111 Mon 2pm BELL309 Wed 1pm BELL324 --
Hannah BIOL111- Janech Mon 4pm Tues 7pm (v) Th 6pm SSMB200
Cecilia BIOL111- Giarrocco Sun 2pm (v) Wed 6pm Th 6pm CSL
Emily PSYC214- Hindy Mon 2pm Wed 12pm Th 5pm (v) BELL308