Spring 2022 SI Session Schedule

All sessions are 50 minutes in length. Highlighted session times will be held virtually. SI Leaders will distribute Zoom links to students for virtual attendance. 

SI Leader Course Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Location
Archer, Allie CHEM112 - Boucher Mon. 1pm Wed. 4pm Thurs. 4pm SSMB245
Baipho, Izabella BIOL112 - Roumillat Sun. 4pm Tues. 6pm Thurs. 2pm SSMB245
Bryan, Will BIOL221 - Dr. B. Mon. 5pm Tues. 2pm Thurs. 11am SSMB245
Cavallaro, Emily BIOL222 - McElroy Mon. 6pm Wed. 4:30pm Thurs. 12:30pm SSMB203
D'Alessandro, Hayley BIOL112 - Janech Sun. 3pm Wed. 2pm Thurs. 3pm SSMB138
Dixon, Olivia PSYC213 - Galuska Sun. 7pm Tues. 6pm Thurs. 2pm MYBK116/222
Dockery, James PHYS112 - Penny Sun. 5pm Mon. 2pm Tues. 3pm SSMB203
Fairchild, Grace PHIL120 - Krasnoff Sun. 2pm Mon. 5:30pm Thurs. 4:30pm MYBK101
Farrell, Cahley CHEM112 - Krantzman Mon. 1pm Wed. 4pm Thurs. 2pm SSMB200
Fongheiser, Elizabeth BIOL111 - Hillenius Sun. 3pm Tues. 6pm Wed. 6pm SSMB100
Garber, Alex PHYS111 - Williams Sun. 12pm Mon. 4pm Thurs. 4pm SSMB203
Ghent, Heather CHEM111 - Barker Sun. 4pm Mon. 6pm Wed. 3pm SSMB100
Helpinstill, Sarah PSYC214 - Sims Mon. 5pm Tues. 5pm Thurs. 6pm MYBK101
Keller, Madeline CHEM111 - Guirgis Sun. 3pm Mon. 2pm Thurs. 6pm SSMB200
Killin, Hayley BIOL112 - Janech Sun. 2pm Mon. 3pm Tues. 5pm SSMB129
Leggett, Layne CHEM111 - Fox Sun. 5pm Tues. 4pm Wed. 6pm SSMB100
Lubin, Ava PSYC213 - Doughty Sun. 4pm Mon. 12pm Wed. 1pm MYBK101
McDade, Caitlin BIOL112 - Pritchard Sun. 7pm Mon. 2pm Wed. 7pm SSMB138
Navarro, Shem BIOL112 - Giarrocco Sun. 4pm Tues. 5pm Thurs. 5pm CSL Science Lab
O'Brien, Casey CHEM112 - Barry Sun. 7pm Tues. 6pm Wed. 7pm SSMB200
Pinto, Lauren DSCI232 - Benson Sun. 3pm Mon. 5pm Wed. 5pm TATE130
Pinto, Lauren DSCI232 - Teixeira Tues. 3pm Thurs. 3pm n/a TATE131
Proper, Divya CHEM111 - Lesher Mon. 7pm Tues. 6pm Thurs. 6pm CSL Science Lab
Reckdenwald, Chloe BIOL111 - Janech Sun. 3pm Mon. 5pm Thurs. 7pm SSMB203
Shotel, Jared BIOL222 - Clark Mon. 6pm Wed. 2pm Thurs. 5pm SSMB129
Suber, Sarah PSYC214 - Ruscio Mon. 4:30pm Tues. 6pm Wed. 7pm ECTR109/MYBK104
Weimer, Emily PSYC214 - Hindy Sun. 6pm Mon. 1pm Tues. 2pm MYBK101/222
Zoppelt, Seth PHYS102 - Gong Mon. 4:30pm Tues. 3pm Thurs. 2pm SSMB100