Supplemental Instruction

logohat is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction is a collaborative learning program developed at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Supplemental Instruction focuses on high attrition courses, not high-risk students. SI helps students acquire and refine the tools essential for learning the course content.  Supplemental Instruction sessions give students a chance to work together with trained facilitators or Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders to discuss course concepts, develop strategies for studying course material, work problems, and review notes.

How does Supplemental Instruction differ from individual tutoring?

Supplemental Instruction differs from tutoring in that the SI Leader has taken the class before, attends all class sessions again, takes notes, does the homework, and offers at least 3 Supplemental Instruction study sessions each week. The SI Leader models good study strategies and shows students how to successfully master course material. SI Leaders meet regularly with the faculty who teach the course in order to provide relevant support to the students enrolled in the course. SI sessions focus on HOW to learn and WHAT to learn.

Why should I attend Supplemental Instruction?

Students who attend Supplemental Instruction earn higher course grades and drop their course less often than non-Supplemental Instruction participants. Research indicates that regular Supplemental Instruction participants average one-half to a full letter grade higher than non-participants. Supplemental Instruction participants receive more A and B grades and fewer D, F, and W grades than do students who do not attend Supplemental Instruction. SI has been certified by the Department of Education as a program proven to increase retention. We recommend attending one session weekly to see positive results. 

What courses have Supplemental Instruction?

We offer Supplemental Instruction for 100 and 200 level courses with high attrition rates (25% or more of enrollees typically earn grades of D, F, or withdraw). During the Fall 2021 semester, SI will be provided for BIOL 111/112/221/222, CHEM 111/112, PHYS101/102/111, PHIL120, PSYC 213/214, and DSCI232.