What is Academic Coaching?

"Academic Coaching is an interactive process that focuses on the personal relationship created between the student and the coach.  The coach challenges the student to think about his or her personal and/or professional goals in order to relate them to his or her academic/educational goals.  In this learning process, it is important for the coach to encourage the student to become more self-aware by understanding his or her strengths, values, interests, purpose, and passion."  -National Academic Advising Association (NACADA)

"A one-on-one interaction with a student focusing on academic strengths, interests, goal setting, engagement, study skills and academic performance."  -University of South Carolina ACE (Academic Centers for Excellence) program

What is the Peer Academic Coach (PAC) Program at the College of Charleston?

The PAC Program hires students who possess exceptional time and self-management skills, trains them in peer coaching techniques, and matches them with students who are experiencing academic difficulty due to poor time and self-management skills. These pairs of students meet weekly to create monthly calendars and weekly plans, assess progress, and identify needed support and resources.  They also 'touch base' via phone, text, and email during the week.

Who IS a PAC at the College of Charleston?

A PAC is a second year or above-level student who has a minimum of 3.0 GPA, has successfully completed TEDU 205,  and has clearly communicated an interest in assisting and working with peers on campus. 

What students does the PAC Program serve?

The PAC Program serves students who have experienced academic difficulty at the College of Charleston due to their lack of good time and self-management skills.  These students partner with a PAC as a part of their contract with the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence.  In addition, any student at the College of Charleston may request a PAC and a Coach will be assigned based on availability.

For more information about PAC or to request a Coach, please email Lindy Coleman at colemanm@cofc.edu