PAC (Peer Academic Coach) Program

Welcome to Peer Academic Coaching at the College of Charleston!  The PAC Program at the College of Charleston provides individual attention to assist you with your time management skills.

What can Peer Academic Coaching do for you?

Weekly meeting with PAC coach to:

  • Create a calendar
  • Set goals
  • Plan study time around class, work, and extracurricular activities

Your PAC coach is here to help you develop time management skills that you will use for the rest of your college career and beyond!

Student Feedback:

“easy to contact, always available for questions”  “made sure I stayed on task in my courses”

"My PAC was able to related to me and admit some of her faults. It’s nice to see that everyone has to balance their time. It helped me to understand that everyone struggles, but it’s what you do about it that counts!"

"My PAC helped me to take the strategies that work for me and implement them into my everyday routine. I know to start planning at the beginning of the semester and I know how to do it!"

"I now use the CSL Weekly Calendars every week and have even gotten a few of my friends to do the same. I chose most of the time because obviously there are still some days where I slip up or I sacrifice some time management skills, but overall this has been the most profound change in my personal/ academic routine."

"My PAC helped but it's up to me to follow her guidance. My biggest issue was not being held accountable for bad grades and having a PAC helped very much. I really feel like having someone help me and push me towards the right path helped my perspective and transcendence towards higher grades."

"I did not take advantage of this program before and I now recommend it highly to any and every student. I am very grateful that I was given a PAC coach this semester."

Coach Quote:

"I love being a PAC because not only does it feel good to help the students succeed but it also keeps me accountable for my school work. We work together to help each other make the most out of our time and encourage each other be the best students we can be."

To request a coach, please email Lindy Coleman at

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Do you have what it takes to be a Peer Academic Coach?

If you would like to be a Peer Academic Coach, here are some things to know:

You will meet face-to-face with your students weekly, including texting, calling, and emailing with them during the week to help keep them on track

Students that have a coach can be in any of the following categories: Students who have returned to the College of Charleston after some time off, students experiencing academic difficulty, or students who are self-referred and want help with their time management skills

All Coaches have spent at least one year at the College of Charleston, have taken TEDU 205, and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

For more information about becoming a coach, please email Lindy Coleman at with your name and a statement of why you would be a great PAC!

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