What is Tutoring in the CSL?

Successful college students know that the path to academic success is paved with hard work, passion for learning, and the use of support services and resources!  All CofC students have ample access to peer-led academic support through tutoring at the CSL! 

The CSL offers 50+ hours of tutoring every week in our centralized location on the first floor of the Addlestone Library.   

6 drop-in Labs line the hallways of our spacious suite, and students can ‘drop in’ and remain in the labs—working on homework, papers, or projects—for as long as they wish. 

By appointment tutoring is reserved for subject areas that typically have fewer requests for support or a lower volume of enrolled students. Students can learn which courses are supported by which type of tutoring by contacting the CSL front desk.  

While not every course at the College is supported by tutoring, the majority of high-request, high-volume courses have at least one type of support available. If you have questions about the many different ways the CSL can support you in reaching your academic goals, please contact the front desk or request a Personalized Resource Plan here!