Science Lab

The Science Lab is staffed by peer tutors and offers help with College of Charleston Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, and Astronomy courses. Since tutors' areas of expertise vary, students should visit at various hours to find a suitable tutor and to avoid peak hours of use. Students are encouraged to do their homework and study for tests in the lab. Test preparation should begin in advance, rather than at the last minute. Tutors help with science study skills. 


(Instructional video)


Lindy Coleman
Phone: 843.953.5635

Office Location

Addlestone Library, Room 119
205 Calhoun Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Lab Schedule

Spring 2021 Geology

Spring 2021 Physics

Spring 2021 Astronomy

Spring 2021 Bio + Chem

Spring 2021 A & P

Science Lab