Private Tutoring

Tutor Matching Services

 “Tutor Matching Service (TMS) is an online tutor list/tutor marketplace that matches students with tutors for both online in person tutoring sessions in over 150 subjects and standardized test preparation. … TMS takes care of the scheduling, booking, and payment to allow tutors more time to do what they do best—coaching—and less time worrying about business details.” (TMS press release August 1, 2013)

We have collaborated with TMS for the convenience of clients who either cannot use the CSL’s services or would rather have a private tutor. The TMS tutors offer their services on a pay-per-session basis. They set their rates themselves, and clients pay them directly through TMS. We do provide “badges” to those student tutors who have been trained by the CSL, certified by the CSL, or who have an overall high GPA but these “badges” in no way guarantee the quality of the tutors.  The College of Charleston has no oversight over their services and does not make any recommendation regarding their appropriateness to tutor inside the subject areas they have self-selected to tutor in.

While you should always check out first the many tutoring and academic support services that we offer at no extra charge, the CSL is excited to offer this new partnership with Tutor Matching Service as an additional resource for College of Charleston students!

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