Math Lab

The Math Lab, staffed by peer tutors, graduate students, and math faculty, offers help with College of Charleston math courses. Since tutors' areas of expertise vary, students should visit at various hours to find a suitable tutor and to avoid peak hours of use. Students are encouraged to do their homework and study for tests in the lab. Test preparation should begin in advance, rather than at the last minute. Tutors may help on any task except those that will be graded by the instructor; in this case, the tutors will explain similar problems from the text. Tutors help with math study skills. The Math Lab provides handouts and books with problems. Videotapes on algebra topics and computer assisted instruction are also available.

The Math Assistance Program (MAP) is an additional service provided for students taking Pre-Calculus (MATH111). MAP sessions are offered each week during the semester. View the weekly schedule here


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Lab Schedule
Fall 2021


Hope Florence
Phone: 843.953.5635

Office Location

Addlestone Library, Room 110
205 Calhoun Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401


Math Lab