Business Lab

Tutoring will be available for Summer I and II online learning in the following courses: ACCT203, ACCT204, DSCI232.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) will be available for Summer I DSCI232 with Dr. Teixeira and Summer II DSCI232 with Dr. Quesada. If you are enrolled in one of these classes, your SI Leader will be in touch. 

The Business Lab (formerly the Accounting Lab) was expanded as a walk-in tutoring opportunity in the Summer of 2018 to offer assistance to students taking Financial and Managerial Accounting, Economics, Business Statistics, and Business Finance. Students taking business-related courses can now come to a centralized location for their tutoring needs in these courses.  

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Lab Director


Addlestone Library, Room 106
205 Calhoun Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Lab Schedule