Smart Coach

What is SMART (Students Meeting, Achieving, and Reaching Together) Coaching at the CSL? 

While CofC students routinely seek CSL assistance with challenging course content, at times they need a different type of academic support, one that is less about the subject, and more about the approach. This is where a CSL SMART Coach can help! 

CSL SMART (Students Meeting, Achieving, and Reaching Together) Coaches are peer educators who are matched with students seeking assistance in the following areas:  

  • Time and self-management  
  • Goal-setting and goal-reaching 
  • Effective study strategies, such as: 
  • Active reading techniques 
  • Turning class notes into study guides 
  • Memorizing strategies that incorporate critical thinking 
  • Choosing and using graphic organizers 

SMART coach is a CSL student employee who has expressed a genuine desire to assist other students in reaching their academic goals. In addition, they are faculty/staff-recommended and are highly trained, both by the CEPE ‘s (Center for Excellence in Peer Education) TEDU 205 ‘Exploring Peer Education’ course and by professional staff at the Center for Student Learning  

Students can meet with a SMART coach, click here to request an appointment. Appointments are scheduled in rotation with CSL professional staff. Please note: while a student may indicate their preference to meet with CSL professional staff OR a peer SMART coach, appointments are made based on first availability. 

Questions about CSL SMART Coaches?  Contact Lindy Coleman at or call 843-953-5635. 

SMART coaching is a part of Academic Coaching at the Center for Student Learning.