Personalized Resource Plan

What is a Personalized Resource Plan at the CSL? 

One of the best ways to get what you want at the end of the semester is to know what resources are available to you at the beginning of the semester! Successful college students know that you don’t react when trouble--like a poor test grade or lost points on an essay—shows up, but instead you are proactive by knowing and using all available resources before the first grades hit the gradebook.  

How do you know what resources are available for each class? First and most important: the very best resource is getting to know ALL your professors at the beginning of each semester. Introduce yourself. Go to office hours. There is no substitute for meeting the expert in the subject, and the one who assigns the grades!  

Next, the CSL has your back! Click here to request a Personalized Resource Plan specific to YOUR courses. 

Finally, if you need help navigating these resources, have questions about skills and strategies, or just want to talk to a person about ways to be successful in college, click here to make an appointment for Academic Coaching.