About Us

Welcome to your Center for Student Learning—the place where students come to achieve academic excellence! We are proud to employ over 150 student employees who provide you with excellent peer education through tutoring, supplemental education, and academic coaching. Our mission states: The Center for Student Learning provides comprehensive academic support programs for College of Charleston students as they strive for excellence in learning, while promoting student leadership and development through peer education experiences.

Academic success is a process that requires a range of skills from which you should draw: effective learning strategies, time and task management, effective reading, note taking, communication, motivation, self-awareness, and numerous other competencies. While you bring many skills with you when you arrive at the College, some will need to be expanded, and others will need to be developed. The Center for Student Learning serves as the College’s primary means for the delivery of services related to the development and refinement of these skills.

You can participate in various academic supports available via different delivery methods, including drop-in tutoring labs, supplemental instruction, by appointment tutoring, and study strategies instruction. Drop-in labs consist of the Foreign Languages Lab (Spanish), Business Lab, Math Lab, Writing Lab, and Science Lab (including Computer Science and Social Sciences Research Methods). The Speaking Lab is a by appointment tutoring service (with a few drop-in hours; see schedule for details), as are all foreign languages other than Spanish and some additional select courses. Supplemental Instruction provides support to students in historically difficult courses at the College, including biology, chemistry, psychology, philosophy, and more.  Study strategies instruction is provided through individual student appointments with a professional staff member or with a Peer Academic Coach. Additionally, workshops are provided throughout the semester covering selected study and learning strategies.

It is our pleasure to extend to you a warm invitation to visit the CSL and to meet the staff who provide the College community with a singly located comprehensive academic support program. The Center is conveniently positioned on the first floor of the Addlestone Library. Stop in today!